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Welcome to MG Enterprises

We offer a wide range of services for all vehicles.

MG Enterprises has been providing honest, expert auto repair service for all makes & models in the Easton area since 1996.

We specialize in providing an exceptional auto repair experience at every visit. All in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. Our combination of highly experienced technicians and super friendly office staff will provide amazing customer service and excellent communication during your visit so there are no surprises ever!

We look forward to providing you with the best repair service in the area, with honest and fair answers to any questions you have about your vehicle and our service.



Customer Relationships


     MG Enterprises operates its auto repair business on a set of principles that are a little different than most! It is these principles that have helped us build rock solid reputation for honesty and value. We like to concentrate on Building a relationship with our customers. This relationship helps us determine how you use your vehicle. The more we know about you and how you use your vehicle it helps us to better advise you on the repairs and services that will most benefit YOU! We also like to concentrate on educating our customers about their Vehicles. We want you to know WHY your vehicle may need a particular service so that you can make educated decisions. It is our mentality that if you have trust in us, it makes it easier for us to advise you on the things that you may need to meet your goals for your car. We want you to feel comfortable that we are not just trying to SELL you something that you may not need. Here are some of the things we give you to help build that trust:

*Clear communication

*Good advice based on many years of experience

*Top Quality Parts and Services at a fair price

*Staff members that RESPECT your time and hard earned $$money$$

*Rock solid reliability backed by our 2 year 24,000 Mile nationwide warranty

Pre Purchase / Used Car Inspection

A better way to buy a vehicle

     Purchasing a used car is a great way to save money. There is the potential to save thousands of dollar vs. purchasing a new car or truck. Some of these savings include:

*Letting someone else take the big new car depreciation.

*Reduced insurance cost

*Lower excise taxes

For many of our customers this is the obvious way to go!
We tend to agree.

"Risk vs. Reward"

     The only problem is the risk of purchasing a vehicle with underlying problems. Unfortunately, many people will trade a vehicle in after it has had an accident or mechanical problems. Most people assume that they will be able to tell if the car they are buying has a major problem. This is NOT TRUE!!!, we routinely find major problems with vehicles that look like they are in great condition. If you get stuck with one of these cars, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair them.

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