Pre-Purchase / Used Car Inspection

A Better Way To Buy A Vehicle

Purchasing a used car is a great way to save money. There is the potential to save thousands of dollar vs. purchasing a new car or truck. Some of these savings include:

  • Letting someone else take the big new car depreciation.
  • Reduced insurance cost
  • Lower excise taxes

For many of our customers this is the obvious way to go! We tend to agree.

“Risk vs. Reward”

The only problem is the risk of purchasing a vehicle with underlying problems. Unfortunately, many people will trade a vehicle in after it has had an accident or mechanical problems. Most people assume that they will be able to tell if the car they are buying has a major problem. This is NOT TRUE!!! We routinely find major problems with vehicles that look like they are in great condition. If you get stuck with one of these cars, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair them.

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