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The transmission is one of the most complicated and important components of your vehicle, whether it is an automatic or manual transmission. Due to its complexity, it is crucial that you put your transmission service and repairs in the hands of a mechanic you can trust. MG Enterprises Auto Service & Repair is that mechanic.

Transmission Service Easton, MA

Transmissions repairs and replacements can be expensive. The easiest way to avoid a major transmission problem is by properly maintaining your transmission through regular service. During a transmission service, your mechanic will perform a few tasks that will keep your transmission operating at peak performance.

Transmission Inspection and Pan Removal

When your mechanic performs a thorough inspection of your transmission it allows them to get a fuller understanding of any minor issues you may be dealing with as well as its overall condition. Then your technician will remove the transmission pan or sump pan, if there is one, to drain transmission fluid and check for any debris that may signify abnormal wear.

Transmission Filter Replacement

As transmission fluid flows through, it cleans your transmission of debris. Your transmission filter is responsible for catching that debris and keeping it from returning to your transmission. Like any other filter, it is necessary to replace your transmission filter to keep your system clean.

Transmission Fluid Replacement

Once your transmission pan is replaced , we will replace the transmission fluid that was drained from your system with new, clean Transmission fluid.

Transmission Flush Easton, MA

On top of transmissions service, it is recommended that you also have your transmission flushed every so often. While a transmission fluid replacement replaces between 40%-60% of your transmission fluid, a transmission flush replaces closer to 100%.

Transmission Repair Easton, MA

When you are experiencing signs of transmission trouble, the idea of having it repaired can be stressful. Transmissions are complicated and you don’t want to trust just anyone with the repair. MG Enterprises Auto Service & Repair understands your concern. Not only is our facility equipped with all the latest tools and highest quality supplies, but our team is also made up of only the best local mechanics. We believe in the quality of our work so much that we are willing to back it up with a 2 year/24,000 mile nationwide warranty.

For all your transmission service and repair needs, there is no one that can beat the quality of work provided by the team at MG Enterprises Auto Service & Repair. Call us today to schedule your next appointment.

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